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Couple packing to move.

Your Essential Pre-Move Checklist

Did you know May is “National Moving Month” in America? So, just like you, many people across the states are packing up to move. Did you also know that moving is one of the most significant stressors in a person’s life? According to a U.S. News Report, “Moving to a new place and everything becomes harder. You don’t know your way around, everything in your house is in a different place, and all the things that used to be automatic-how to get to the grocery store, and things like that-take more time and thought,” says U.S. News Report writer Warnick. Very few people can get through a move without feeling some sort of anxiety and stress. 

At Advantage Property Management, we want you to see moving as an exciting adventure. Yet, we understand from packing up your belongings to settling into a new neighborhood, there are many tasks on your to-do list. However, with some planning and organization, you can make your move more enjoyable and hassle-free. We have compiled an essential pre-move checklist to help you decrease your stress during the moving process:

Start Early

Procrastination can increase and even amplify stress levels. To avoid a last-minute rush you should begin to pack and plan well in advance. We also suggest creating a timeline and breaking down tasks so they are more manageable.


Moving allows you the perfect opportunity to declutter all the useless items you have hoarded over some time. You could sort through your things and set up piles labeled, “throw away”, “donate”, or “sell.” This will also help you have a lighter load to pack and unpack, saving you time and energy in the future.

Organize Packing Supplies

You will need quite a few packing materials including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and markers. Having everything together and on hand will streamline the packing process and keep you from having to run to the store while packing.

Pack Smart

We have found that the best way to pack is strategically room by room. Then label each box with its contents and the room where it belongs. This will make unpacking a breeze, even helping you locate essential items quickly.

Hire Professionals

You may not think professional movers are worth the money but for most people once they use a professional and reputable moving company they typically will always use one in future moves. Professional movers help substantially with heavy lifting and save you time and effort while ensuring they handle your things with the utmost care.

Change Your Address and Notify Utilities

This is a very important step. Do not forget to notify the utility company of your move so they can have services disconnected at your old address and connected while you are moving in at your new address. As for changing your address, this is a fairly simple step. You simply go to your nearest post office and fill out a change of address form and give it to the clerk and your address will change in the system.

Create a Moving Day Essential Kit

Make sure you have a box labeled “moving day” that has your toiletries and other important documents you may need on moving day. Keep this box easily accessible to avoid wasting time trying to look for it in a mountain of other boxes.

Take Care of Yourself

Moving can get chaotic. Remember to take time to prioritize your self-care. This means getting plenty of rest the night before, staying hydrated, eating healthy meals, and taking breaks to ease any stress. 

Enlist Help

You have likely helped others move, so don’t be ashamed to call in a favor and ask those same friends or family members for help on your moving day. Whether it’s helping with packing, babysitting, or running errands, having support on moving day can make the process more enjoyable and more manageable.

Stay Positive

Try to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day. You already know moving is stressful but rather than make it worse with a negative attitude try to stay excited. If you focus on the exciting adventures that lie ahead in your new home and embrace the adventure you will probably feel more positive.

Follow Your Essential Pre-Move Checklist to Mitigate Stress

At Advantage Property Management, we hope by following these tips, you can minimize stress and make your move a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Remember, a well-planned move is the key to a successful transition to your new home.

For professional property management services to ease your transition into your new home, consider Advantage Property Management. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support throughout the moving process.

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