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About Advantage Property Management

Family owned and operated since 2008
Property management agreements are tailored around our clients needs.

Full-service real estate firm that represents Memphis and the surrounding areas.

We are an established, full-service real estate firm that represents Memphis and the surrounding areas with professionalism, reliability, knowledge, and experience.

We have over 25 years of real estate experience, 15 of which have been in property management. Single-family, duplexes, and quadplex residential homes are our specialty. At Advantage Property Management, we pride ourselves on our growth through consistent and continuous satisfaction from our clients.

Our goal is to build a family owned and operated company where all parties – Landlords, tenants, and employees – Have a truly positive experience.

Advantage Real Estate Services




Our property management business was started in 2008 as a mother/daughter team with a background in mortgages and banking, particularly with investor clientele.  When we asked why the investors didn’t buy more properties, the common response was always, If I had a great property manager, I would buy more homes.

Property with newly renovated interior.

With a steady trend of investors continuously voicing their concerns about their property management issues, and with a recession steadily looming, we decided to take the opportunity to jump in and make a difference!

We bought a handful of homes and began the landlord journey ourselves.  Investor clients of ours from the mortgage and banking industry soon became our property management clients. Before we knew it, one investor led to five investors and then five led to hundreds.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have grown due to excellent personal service and communication with our landlords and tenants without compromising on the family-run feel of the company.

Our business got its start through word of mouth, and we are extremely proud of our small business company culture.  Our goal is for everyone to experience the family-owned and operated feel of our full-service property management services and have long-term success for our investors and clients.

Real etate office keeps an updated list of available rentals.

As of today, we are still the same family owned and operated business that is made up of a team of 21 people – friends, family and co-workers – all of whom work daily to provide unmatched, top quality services to our property owners, and to the people who call these properties home.

We welcome you to be a part of our property management family.