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Understanding Common Lease Violations and How We Mitigate Them

Advantage Property Management is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to both property owners and tenants. Our primary responsibilities include upholding lease agreements, promoting a peaceful living atmosphere, and protecting a landlord’s property investment. In this blog, we’ll explore the five most common lease violations and explain how Advantage Property Management works diligently to prevent such issues from arising.

The Five Most Common Lease Violations

Missed or Late Rent Payments

One of the most frequent lease violations is missed or late rent payments. Timely rent payments are not just a matter of responsibility. They are crucial for property owners who rely on this income for mortgage payments, maintenance, and other essential expenses. Understanding the financial implications can help both tenants and property owners realize their shared responsibility in maintaining a harmonious relationship and a well-functioning property.

Unauthorized Pets

Most lease agreements include strict pet policies to prevent property damage and ensure all residents’ well-being. These policies typically outline the conditions under which pets are allowed on the premises. While many landlords are willing to accommodate pets if a pet deposit is paid to cover any potential damage or cleaning costs, it’s essential for tenants to obtain permission before bringing in a pet. Unauthorized pets can lead to a range of issues, including noise complaints from other residents, potential allergies for those living in the vicinity, and damage to the property, such as scratches, stains, or odors. It’s wise for tenants to be aware of and adhere to the pet policies outlined in their lease agreements to avoid any potential conflicts or extra costs.

Property Damage

 As a tenant, it’s important to maintain the property and ensure that it is returned in the same condition as when you initially moved in, accounting for everyday wear and tear. Any substantial damage or issues beyond normal wear and tear may be considered a violation of the lease agreement. This includes damages beyond what would reasonably be expected from everyday use of the property. Taking good care of the property is essential to avoid any potential lease violations, extra costs, or disputes during move-out.

Unauthorized Occupants

Lease agreements typically include clauses that specify the maximum number of occupants allowed to live in a rented home. Allowing unvetted individuals to reside in the property can lead to various issues, such as increased utility usage beyond what was anticipated, overcrowding, potential conflicts among tenants, additional wear and tear on the property, and other related problems. Therefore, it’s important to carefully screen and approve all individuals living in the rental property to avoid these challenges.

Noise Complaints

Maintaining a peaceful living environment is important in any residential community. Noise violations, whether from parties, loud music, or other disturbances, can lead to more than just complaints from neighbors. They can result in potential fines, which can become a significant financial burden. This underlines the importance of adhering to the rules and regulations to avoid such consequences.

How Advantage Property Management Prevents Lease Violations

At Advantage Property Management, we believe prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy tenant-landlord relationship and ensuring the integrity of the rental property. Here is how we proactively work to avoid lease violations:

Thorough Tenant Screening: We conduct an extensive background check, which includes a thorough credit check, review of rental history, and verification of references for every tenant we consider approving. However, the final decision ultimately rests with the landlord. This rigorous process ensures potential tenants have a proven track record of making reliable rent payments and demonstrating responsible behavior. This approach enables us to select tenants more likely to honor lease agreements and maintain a positive tenancy.

Clear and Detailed Lease Agreements: Our lease agreements are carefully designed to address all potential issues, ensuring that tenants comprehend their responsibilities and the repercussions of breaching the lease. Before handing over the keys to their new rental home, we schedule a meeting to review the lease agreement with prospective tenants, ensuring that each section is covered. This also gives them an opportunity to ask questions if they are still determining any part of the agreement. This approach guarantees tenants fully understand their responsibilities and provides the landlord with peace of mind. We believe that clear communication from the beginning helps avoid future misunderstandings and disputes.

Regular Property Inspections: Regular property inspections enable us to monitor the property’s condition and promptly address any issues. We respect our tenants’ privacy, so we inform them in advance about the inspection visits. However, we believe these inspections also serve as a reminder to tenants about their responsibilities under the lease.

Prompt Response to Issues: When issues arise, our dedicated team at Advantage Property Management takes immediate action to address them. We understand that addressing concerns promptly is pivotal in preventing minor problems from escalating into significant violations. Our approach involves working closely with tenants to amicably resolve any issues that may arise, fostering a positive and harmonious living environment for all.

We’re Here for Both Owners and Tenants

By implementing carefully devised strategies, Advantage Property Management effectively minimizes common lease violations, enhancing the overall experience for all parties involved. Our proactive approach, characterized by significant attention to detail and dedication to excellence, truly sets us apart in the competitive property management industry.

If you’re a property owner seeking reliable property management services or a tenant looking for a well-managed rental property, contact Advantage Property Management today at (901) 347-3148. We are here to assist you in achieving a successful and hassle-free rental experience. 

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