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Consider an annual inspection for best property investment outcome.

Annual Inspections

Annual inspections are an outstanding way for an investor to view the condition of their home inside and out to determine how well the property is being maintained and cared for by the tenants. Having this information can help you make informed decisions about whether to renew the tenant, whether to increase your monthly rent based on the condition of the home, and sometimes, whether or not it may be best to ask the tenant to vacate in order to make repairs or prevent any further damage to the home.

What does the inspection include?

The home inspection includes a report and photos of each room of the home, and any other additional concerns that we may come across at the property. We will also take exterior photos to document the level of yard upkeep and the condition of the outside of the home. We will provide the owner with any repair recommendations that we feel are needed currently or that will be needed in the near future. During this time our representative will also remind the tenant to change their air filters regularly and discuss tenant upkeep responsibilities with them in person.

Benefits of Home Inspections

  • enables us to discover unreported pets in the home
  • enables us to discover damages that can be mitigated before further costly expenses are incurred
  • allows us to view the cleanliness of the home
  • tenant upkeep responsibilities can be discussed with the tenant
  • possible bill back of tenant caused damages
  • reduces liabilities before they become a larger issue

To schedule an inspection of your rental property, give us a call and ask to speak with our inspections team. The cost per inspection is $95 and the report with photos will be emailed to you within 30 days of the inspection date.