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Our Services

Initiating Lease

Thorough and binding lease informing the tenant of responsibilities while protecting the rights and interests of all parties. Reviewed with the tenant by a licensed agent at the time of signing.

Move-In Inspection

Inspection report and photos are taken to ensure properties condition prior to move-in.

Rent Collection

Attention to timely payments, extensive detail to delinquencies and past-due notices. Knowledge of eviction procedures if necessary.

Maintenance and Repair

Crews of experienced workes in all areas. Competitively priced due to our frequency of use. Emergency services available. Receipts given on every repair. No property management “mark- up” is added to the total of repair.

Move-Out Inspections

Thorough inspection completed. Photos taken of home and damages. Estimates given for repairs. Move-in inspection is utilized to determine tenant responsibility for damage vs condition at move-in.

Turn Over

A rehab crew is sent in at Landlord’s request following tenant vacancy. Marketing begins when the home is determined to be in rent-ready condition. We understand that each day vacant is a negative on your bottom line.

Walk Thru Inspections

The inspection includes a written property report of your homes condition and property photos that are sent out to you.